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Christmas and New Year Festivities – How We Can Apply to the Stock Market

Christmas and New Year are here! While we soak in the atmosphere of celebration, let’s take a minute to discover how we can apply certain festivities related principles to the stock market.

1) The Best Christmas Present

Christmas is here again! It’s the season of giving and receiving gifts!

Have you ever thought, what’s the BEST Christmas present one can receive?

In my opinion, it would be an asset. Something that is valuable, holds its value well and even grow in value over time!

No, it does not necessarily have to be a property, unless you are amongst the crazy rich Asians. I’m referring to a share or even fractional shares. And what’s even better is, Mr. Market is giving us a crazy, massive Christmas discount now!

The current bear market is a big BLESSING as the prices of many great companies’ shares are very undervalued right now. In addition, I believe the recession fears next year have mostly been priced in, so this makes the current prices very attractive and is perhaps one of the best times to buy some!

2) The Best New Year(s) Ahead

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Take your time to think about it, but I can tell you that the BEST year is ahead of us!

With the recession fears looming, investors should rejoice as share prices of very high quality companies are pretty low right now. So let’s say, if the prices next year trade sideways and are kept low, investors would have ample time and opportunity to slowly accumulate those high quality shares!

Just as 2024 that will come after 2023. The bull market will definitely follow the bear market. That is when you will be very pleased with 2023. The year that you make the most gains from the bull market, will the best year that you will feel.

3) Millionaires Are Made During A Recession

There is a reason why the majority of us are not millionaires. So if we follow what the majority does and think like they do, then we are likely not going to end up as millionaires too.

Let us make good use of the Christmas present that Mr. Market has given us – opportunity. And position ourselves wisely, so that we can have the best New Year(s) ahead of us – 2023 and beyond!

Just like how Warren Buffett put it, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”. We should learn from his golden words of wisdom!

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