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How to double your money safely?

In today's tough economic times, inflation is hitting us all hard. We're all looking for ways to make our money work for us, but with so many investment options out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. What should we do if we want to double our money safely?

That's why in this debate, veteran investors Pete and Chloe went head-to-head to reveal the two safest ways to double your money safely. That's right, you can watch your hard-earned cash flourish while you kick back and relax!

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Here's the summary of the debate! You can also watch the full debate here.

Double your money with property -- Pete's argument

- Property investment in Singapore, particularly in condominiums, has shown a strong upward trend despite economic crises.

- The implementation of cooling measures in 2013, particularly the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), changed the property market dynamics.

- TDSR limits mortgage payments to 55% of monthly income, reducing the risk of over-leveraging and forced selling during economic downturns.

- Property investment has a lower risk of losing money compared to the stock market, with only 5% of property transactions in Singapore in 2022 resulting in losses.

- Property investment provides better risk-adjusted returns compared to the stock market, with historical data showing higher gains over the long term.

- Property investment offers the advantage of leverage, allowing investors to purchase properties with a smaller upfront investment and potentially higher returns.

- Property investment provides a safer option for larger investments, compared to the stock market where smaller investments are more common.

- Property investment has the potential for consistent returns and wealth accumulation, even with lower percentage gains compared to the stock market.

- Government cooling measures and rising interest rates may impact the property market, but historical trends suggest the market's resilience and potential government interventions to revive the market.

- Rising interest rates are not expected to remain high for an extended period, as it is not sustainable for the economy, and the Federal Reserve has indicated a potential decrease in interest rates in the future.

Double your money with stocks -- Chloe's argument

- According to the Rule of 72, anyone can double their money given time. But the faster is the investment annual growth rate, the sooner we can double our money. So the key is to find an instrument to help us achieve our goals faster.

- The average annualized return of the S&P 500 over the past 50 years is 11.88%.

- With an 11.88% return, it takes approximately seven years to double your investment in the stock market.

- Warren Buffett advocates for long-term investing in the stock market and has achieved tremendous wealth through this approach.

- Investing in the stock market requires patience and a long-term vision for the growth of the economy and businesses.

- Property investment is a viable option for those with larger funds and a desire for a safe and consistent return on investment.

- Investing in both stocks and property can be a diversification strategy, depending on the size of the portfolio and individual preferences.

If you want to watch the full debate to listen to the arguments in greater details, here's the video!

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