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How to Teach Your Kids to Invest Early: 6 Investing Books for Kids to Unlock Financial Wisdom

investing books for kids

Were you aware that Warren Buffet invested in his first stock when he was 12? What was his method? He delved into the business world and mastered increasing his income!

It's true that this opportunity might not be available to everyone.

But if you're bored with the same old bedtime stories, why not try something new? You can learn about money and investing with these easy-to-read books for kids.

Teaching young kids about investing might seem tough, but all you need is a fun way to hold their interest. Using storybooks is one great method!

At Buffett Online School, we also believe in investing in great companies you understand and utilizing Free Investing Resources to help you start your financial freedom and investment journey is one of the best ways to learn.

Importance of Teaching Kids About Money

Children begin learning by copying what they see and connecting ideas at an early age. They'll notice us buying groceries, paying for items, pumping gas, and more. Often, they'll start to understand the concept of buying and may even ask to purchase something from a store.

You might wonder, at what age should kids start learning about investing?

The answer starts with teaching good money habits. According to child development experts at the University of Cambridge in England, children as young as 3 and 4 can understand that money is used to buy things. By age 5 or 6, they may understand different coin values as they become more familiar with numbers.

Investing Books Teaching Kids About Money

If you have curious little ones who love to explore, they may have already asked you about buying their favorite things like ice cream or candy. Perhaps they saw a new toy with a friend and asked if they could have one too.

Do you simply say no? Or do you give in to their requests?

No need to worry. Here are some books that can help you teach them about these subjects in a fun and engaging way.

  1. The Berenstain Bears’ Dollars and Sense by Stan and Jan Berenstain

You might be familiar with the Berenstain Bears. In this book, the focus is on teaching children about money management and financial responsibility. Sister and Brother Bear learn how money can be used to buy both needs and wants. The story is told in an engaging way to help your little one better understand the concepts. Mama Bear and Papa Bear gently guide the cubs, allowing them to make decisions. And to make learning even more enjoyable, the book includes 50 free stickers for the kids to play with!

investing books for kids

2. Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells

In this captivating story, the well-loved rabbit siblings, Max and Ruby, go on a shopping trip using the money Grandma gave them. This book is perfect for teaching young children about the importance of money's value and making careful buying decisions. It also encourages them to think about problem-solving and working well with others.

investing books for kids

3. Brother Bull and Sister Bear Go to The Stock Market by Kennedy Thibou Jr.

This rhyming children's picture book suits children aged 3 to 7. It introduces the complex stock market world through the characters Brother Bull and Sister Bear, making it relatable to young children. Brother Bull enjoys things that go upwards, while Sister Bear is drawn to everything that goes down. Through their journey around the stock market, they learn that people who buy stocks are known as investors and come to understand their dream jobs. It's a playful and imaginative way to help little ones grasp such a sophisticated subject.

investing books for kids

4. If You Made A Million by David M Schwartz

If you want to teach your children about the value of money and the significance of wise financial choices, this book could be just what you need. The main character, a mathematical magician named Marvelosissimo, captivates young readers. With engaging storytelling, the book explains concepts like earning money, investing, and accumulating dividends and interest. The inclusion of humor makes it an enjoyable and easy read for kids, making complex financial ideas accessible and fun.

investing books for kids

5. "How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000" by James McKenna

"How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000" guides children through an exciting journey of transforming a small sum into something substantial. The book presents elementary investment strategies like buying stocks, saving money in a bank, and launching a small business.

The story follows a young entrepreneur named Max, helping kids understand the essence of entrepreneurship, intelligent financial choices, and the balance of risk and reward. It's an inspiring way for children to learn about money and business.

investing books for kids

6. Money Ninja: A Children’s Book About Saving, Investing, and Donating by Mary Nhin

This book, designed for children between the ages of 3 and 11, is filled with colorful illustrations and clever "ninja tips" that will engage both kids and adults. It provides a fun way to introduce concepts like earning money, making spending decisions, and even the idea of donating to those in need. It's a creative and appealing way to teach young ones about financial responsibility and generosity.

investing books for kids

Introduce Investing Early

Teaching preschoolers and elementary-aged kids about investing through engaging and suitable books can have a lasting effect on their financial futures. By helping them understand the value of money, the importance of saving, and the wisdom of making informed financial choices, we set them on the path to becoming responsible and financially savvy individuals. Take the time to explore these investing books with your young ones, and sow the seeds of financial literacy from an early age.

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