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Should You Buy Disney Stock Now?

It's been a month since we started our weekly stock debate series, and in our recent discussion, we talked about Disney in detail. Should you buy Disney stock now? Let's find out!

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Buy Disney Stock Now?

Disney is well-known for its ability to handle challenges and turn them into opportunities, making it an attractive option for investors. They have iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Lion King, and Marvel, which are loved by many and have strong recognition. Their theme parks are also valuable assets due to their popular characters and brands, which bring in revenue through licensing and merchandise sales.

Despite the current downturn in the stock market, many believe that Disney is still a solid investment in the long run. They have a strong brand, diverse businesses, and have managed to weather financial crises in the past.

However, the profitability of Disney Plus has been a concern, with fewer subscribers compared to competitors like Netflix.

Nevertheless, the return of Bob Iger as CEO and his plan to sell off certain assets to adapt to changing consumer preferences and use resources efficiently were also discussed as strategic moves.

As for Disney's financials, it might not be the best-valued stock currently, but undervalued stocks with strong fundamentals are usually preferred by investors.

We also talked about Disney's decision to reinvest in the business instead of paying dividends, which is seen as a reasonable strategy for growth and improving the customer experience.

In conclusion, Disney is a large company with various businesses in entertainment, theme parks, and streaming services like Disney Plus. Despite facing challenges due to COVID-19, their revenue has shown resilience and growth over the years. However, they have also faced increased costs and had to lay off some employees. Whether to invest in Disney depends on one's long-term perspective and belief in the company's magic.

You can watch the full debate from our Youtube channel!

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