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Three Tips to Create a Viral Video

How did some videos online suddenly become viral? Have you also thought of ways in which you can make your online presence viral?

As a content creator or someone who maximizes social media to promote our brand, we always aim to reach a broader audience. One way to do that is to think of ways to make your brand viral on social media platforms.

Tips from Sean Seah to Make Your Videos Viral

1. Learn from those who have succeeded

In Sean's quest for success on TikTok, a new platform mainly used by younger people who didn't know him, he took deliberate steps. He started by researching, which is an essential first step when trying to do well on social media.

He used the search function to find out what topics were popular in his field, like branding and marketing. While doing this, he noticed something interesting. Some videos that didn't have conventionally good-looking people were getting a lot of attention. This made him rethink his strategy.

He looked at another successful creator in his field to improve his content. He noticed that this person used clear and catchy titles like "Branding Secrets You Need to Know" and "Storytelling Formula." Sean tried using similar titles in his videos, not by copying exactly, but by getting inspired.

He also realized these titles worked because they quickly told viewers what they would get from watching the video. For example, "Five Tips" or "Two Imperfect People" gave a clear idea of what the video was about, which interested people.

Sean also discussed the importance of choosing role models who share your values and personality. Even though some controversial people get famous, it's better to follow those who match your beliefs. This way, your content will be more authentic and relatable to your audience.

In summary, Sean's journey on TikTok involved researching, borrowing successful strategies, and staying true to his values and personality. This approach helped him build a big following and become known on the platform, which can also help you in your career as a content creator.

2. Adding appropriate music to your videos or content

The second hack pertains to music on TikTok. TikTok features various songs, including tracks from famous artists like Blackpink or BTS. Some speculate that significant music labels collaborate with TikTok, potentially paying the platform to promote their songs and make them go viral. This strategy benefits both the music artists and TikTok.

TikTok promotes these songs by giving more views to videos that use them. When people see these videos with a high view count, they are more likely to listen to the music associated with them. While this might sound like a conspiracy theory, it has been tested and appears effective.

To apply this strategy, users can add music to their TikTok videos. After creating a video, they can select a popular song from the TikTok Hot Songs list. This increases the chances of their video getting featured and potentially going viral.

Additionally, users can adjust the volume of the added song to ensure it doesn't overpower the video's content. This allows the algorithm to recognize the song's presence in the video.

This strategy is unconventional yet effective in boosting your video performance.

3. Using hashtags in your uploaded videos or content

The third tip involves using hashtags, which are effective across various social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. When people search for specific terms on TikTok, they often do the same on other platforms, albeit with different audience demographics.

As for the fourth bonus tip, it relates to the timing of your posts. Analyze when your audience is most active by using insights provided by the platform you're using, such as TikTok or Facebook.

Tailor your posting schedule to align with when your followers are awake and engaged. This boosts the chances of your content getting noticed, liked, and shared, ultimately leading to increased exposure.

In conclusion, these tips, including leveraging hashtags and strategically timing your posts, can enhance your online presence and engagement across various social media platforms. Remember to adapt them based on your audience and niche for optimal results.

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