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WARREN BUFFETT STORY PART 6 | Favorite Childhood Game

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In the previous article, we delved into the early entrepreneurial endeavors of 6-year-old Warren Buffett, exploring how he bought and sold various goods to generate income. Now, let's look into the unique development of young Warren over the next couple of years, gaining deeper insights into his entrepreneurial and investment journey.

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Despite his father's struggling business, Warren greatly admired him and aspired to follow in his footsteps, pursuing a career in the stock market.

At just 7 years old, while recovering from an appendectomy in the hospital, Warren made an audacious declaration by writing a long number on paper and showing it to his nurse, claiming it to be his future fortune. The nurse was surprised but didn't take it seriously, thinking it was merely a child's daydream.

However, Warren's ambitions didn't end there. He confidently stated that one day, he would become rich, attracting numerous reporters to interview him, and his pictures would grace the pages of newspapers around the world. Remarkably, these dreams came true as he matured and achieved global recognition.

At the tender age of 8, Warren's curiosity extended beyond basic buying and selling. He developed an unusual interest in financial books, particularly those focused on stocks and investments – subjects far from typical for a child. Over time, his knowledge of stocks grew, and he even began drawing his own stock price charts. When his father asked his children what gifts they wanted, Warren never requested toys; instead, he sought ticker tapes of the stock market to continue his research on stock price trends.

His father had never taught him anything about stocks, yet Warren surprised him by explaining complex quote symbols using the S&P index. This level of interest and understanding in financial matters was rare for a child, especially considering the abundance of information available today.

Warren's entrepreneurial spirit was evident in various ways. He and his friends collected bottle caps, analyzed their popularity, and set up a small business selling unused golf clubs in a park with a golf practice area that charged visitors for its use.

By age 10, reading about the stock market alone was insufficient for Warren. He started visiting his father's office, where he assisted in creating debt and stock market analysis forms, further fueling his passion for investments.

During one summer at age 10, Warren and his sister worked on a farm near West Point at their father's insistence, aiming to teach them the value of hard work. However, Warren believed that wisdom and knowledge could be acquired through reading, and he spent most of his time with books rather than toiling on the farm.

Observing people and contemplating ways to make money from various sources intrigued him. He often shared his fascination with his mother, Leila, discussing how he envisioned earning and growing wealth rapidly.

In his reading, Warren came across a book titled "1000 Ways to Make $1000," which featured real-life entrepreneurial stories starting from scratch. These stories deeply influenced him, and he began envisioning his future as an entrepreneur. The impactful words, "Act now! Whatever you choose, don't wait," left a strong impression on the young boy, leading him to declare to his friends and family that he would earn his first million dollars before turning 35.

Many psychologists believe every child possesses genius potential until age 6, depending on whether parents actively engage with and encourage their interests and activities. Warren's success can be attributed to his parent’s willingness to provide him with the freedom to develop and support his passions, fostering a nurturing environment for his growth.

By ages 6 to 10, Warren Buffett had already gained significant business experience and immersed himself in numerous financial and stock market books, setting him apart from other children his age. This prompts the question: what did he accomplish by age 12?

Stay tuned for the next part of this compelling story to witness how Warren Buffett Jr. evolved into a stock exchange prodigy!

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