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WARREN BUFFETT STORY: What You Don't Know About the Path of Warren Buffett

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

There are over a hundred million investors in the world. Only one person has been considered the stock god since the beginning of time: Warren Buffett. He is known as the world’s most successful investor and a true investing icon who has taken investing to the next level.

Who should we learn from if investing is something we all need to learn in order to retire as we intend to?

In the UK, the FCA reports that people lose around 69% to 84%; the United States Securities and Exchange Commission shares that 70% of foreign exchange traders lose money every quarter; and eToro reports that 80% of retail investors have lost money in the past 12 months.

People lose money in the financial markets because most of them don’t understand how the markets work. The main focus is on short-term entry and exit, which also leads to a very high loss rate.

So how do we prepare ourselves to avoid losing money? Let’s equip ourselves with knowledge.

Who better to model ourselves after when we first enter the world of investing than the Oracle of Omaha, one of the greatest investors of all time? He currently has a net worth of $112.4 billion as of June 2023.

Diving into Warren Buffett’s Story

Using market writings, online articles, and news as our sources, we will gather more details about Warren Buffett's life.

Through our series of articles, we will reveal facts about Warren Buffett's life that you may not be aware of yet.

A Glimpse of Warren Buffett’s Rise

He started selling and earning money from Coca-Cola bottles at the age of 6, entered the stock exchange, and bought his first stock at age 11. He met Benjamin Graham in the course of his education and research, which laid the foundation for value investing. For nearly 80 years, the world experienced different financial storms and turmoil, but Warren Buffett weathered them all.

How significant is the profit from which he founded the Berkshire Investment Empire? It's 40,000 times, to be precise.

The price of a Berkshire “A-class” share once exceeded $300,000 per share, making it the most expensive stock in the world. Warren Buffett has been in charge of the company for more than 50 years. He reached a new milestone when Berkshire stock sold for $7.50 per share in 1962. The stock has since surpassed $300,000, an increase of over 40,000 times.

The A-share of Berkshire Hathaway, a public company owned by Warren Buffett, surged more than 1% during the trading session, once hitting US$300,269.45 (about NT$9 million), making it the world's most expensive stock in history. It has risen 22.9% so far this year, an impressive increase, even outperforming the 20% rise in the U.S. S&P 500.

We will be publishing a new article about Warren Buffett's journey every week and share finance and investment articles to help you thrive in this evolving economy. Watch out for the next article as we’ll start with the exciting history of the Warren Buffett family in the United States.

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